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Just a friendly heads up as I might start to post more on this account! (yayy)

Anywho to move forward it will no longer contain ponies as that fad was over more than a year ago for me.

regardless I will still try to be active and be a part of your life! (Its because you are my favorite, don't tell the others.)

Love your friendly neighborhood Jonnydash!
This really sucks...

I figured after 5 years id find someone and move on....

still nothing panning out more than a week or two..

Maybe I really am unlovable...







i hope you all had a great one.

and got all the gifts you wanted.

i personally gave about 5 gifts out to family and whatnot.

i only received a small bag of candy from my mom this year.

meh its whatever.

later peoples.
i booped you!


yay im so excited!

okay so the challenge for this contest is simple! draw your best Rule 63 (opposite gender) of my OC Monkey Wrench! draw it any style you like! you can include a background or not, it can be digital or traditional! There will be two prizes for 1st and 2nd place!

First prize is 20 dollars! and a signed drawing from yours truly! WOW!!!!

Second Place will receive 5 dollars and a drawing! either paypal or DA points!

the contest will be judged by me and the winner will be decided on December 20th!

so get your entries in! and sit down and draw something up!
Links to my oc are as follow!
regular human version
Pony versions………

Send your Entrys to this e-mail address.

remember the contest ends DECEMBER 20th!
any questions feel free to ask!

Have fun!

boop boop beep!
hey guys im back!

i need some help due to family emergencies and my mothers bad health i was forced to refund my bronycon tickets, so to help im selling my own T-SHIRTS!

come on buy one! or if not shoot me ideas!…

that is the link to my newest t-shirt!

any help is appreciated and i love you all!

almost positive i did.

cept my heart is still beating.

our family needs money because my mom cant work and we need to pay her doctors bills.

she has cancer and i really dont need half the stuff i have.
anyone can do a simple fucking vector.

im not even an artist....

my gallery blows i think im done using DA for awhile.
its really cute! and so awesome

i really want one of me that would be cool!

i think i might try to sketch one out tomorrow or something i dunno.

start back to college in a few months!

got 50 bucks for my birthday and that was it :/.

although im 22 now i didn't expect much.

have an awesome night guys.

hey guys jonnydash here and its my birthday today!

im 22 now!


so to celebrate

commissions are open!

Requests are Open!

Trades are Open!

Vector Requests are open!

releasing my latest vector today as well!


have a fantastic day!

commissions are closed and stuffs.

might finish a few pieces im working on but im incredibly busy and no motivation ATM.

well thats it for me,

night peoples.

it doesnt exist you only think your happy just take a look at all the negatives around you.

the most fake things in the world

1. Love
2. Friendship
3. Happiness

the quicker you realize life sucks the better you will feel about it and the more enjoyment from what little it offers.

your always pessimistic,
yup i sure did.

now i guess i can do a few more sketches and stuff


idk exactly what all was taken from every one in my family yet.

i know i cant find my bamboo connect tablet anywhere now.

and im missing some of my money i had stashed.

well its not like my shitty tablet art was any good anyways.

just a heads up on here that i cant do anything with my tablet as of right now.

awhile back i gave an artist some money for a commission.

it was awhile ago but i never did get that commission. so i don't think i will be commissioning anyone anytime soon.

you know how it goes one bad experience ruins the rest.

so i just remembered this and it puts me in a bad mood.

plus the fact that a site i helped grow and love dearly is now being torn apart by brown nosers looking to get mod..

i was there from the beginning and donated money every month to pay for the server....and it saddens me

goodnight guys.

got my old DA status back!

now time to upload my art ive been working on!

been teaching myself new drawing techniques.



comment with your fav pony on this journal!

(idk maybe something will happen)